Kingdom of Alberia
Capital The Grand City of Alberwalt
Government Hereditary monarchy
Ruler(s) King Altherim
Affiliation The Great Western Alliance
Location Southern Wisterland

The Kingdom of Alberia is a Human/Half-elf Kingdom, located in southern Wisterland. It's capital is The Grand City of Alberwalt . Originally settled and ruled by an ancient Elven tribe, a large majority of the land is believed to be blessed by the goddess Galthea. Because of this, there are many Elves and Half-elves living in the countryside.

A country of great international importance, it is a cultural and economical powerhouse, and the nerve centre of The Great Western Alliance. Alberia is ruled by the House of Alber, from their ancestral fortress, The Jade Towers. King Althermin III, who has recently taken the place of his ailing father, is the current incumbent of the throne. In order to spend more time with his dying father, he has put into effect a mass reorganising of the local goverment system.


Elven Settlement

The land currently held by Alberia was largely settled by Elves, in particular, the Párthèla tribe. The largest modern-day settlements are the sucessors of many ancient, tribal villages that were built on leylines or near landmarks, where the most natural magical energy is available. Many ancient monuments are still focal points in Alberian cities and towns.

The Second Migration

After the first (accidental) summoning of Ramenus, the Elves left the land they believed to be cursed, and fled to the home of the closely related tribe, the Pròmedì.